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Top 10 Job Search Tips for Immigrant Job Seekers

There are many tools in place to support you in your job search.   Click on the links below to learn more and get connected!

    1. Complete an Employment Preparation program and volunteer to gain valuable Canadian work experience.
    2. Contact us below to register with Immploy Job Match; view our Job Match postings.
    3. Connect with a Mentor working in your occupation or professional field.
    4. Attend an Immploy networking event or group mentorship session.
    5. Get provincial licensure information and application assistance.
    6. Access the funds necessary to get foreign credentials recognized.
    7. Learn everything you need to know about living and working in London-Middlesex, Oxford and Elgin counties.
    8. Take advantage of several bridge training programs offered in Ontario.
    9. Refine your business communication and language skills.
    10. Network, network, network.

    Stay connected with Immploy and our community partners to learn more about leveraging these tools & resources for your job search.