Talent Employer Guide

Hiring Immigrants Makes Good Business Sense

This is the message of the Global Talent Employer Guide. Developed by the London Economic Development Corporation, this Guide is an excellent primer to assist your business in accessing the talents of internationally-trained individuals in its workforce.

Having challenges bringing hiring managers, company leaders, strategic planners or colleagues on board? The Global Talent guide can be an excellent engagement tool. Get the conversation started and share a copy of the Global Talent Employer Guide today:

Background information on the Global Talent Project

The Global Talent Project was initiated by the London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC), with funding from Employment Ontario. The LEDC formed a Steering Committee with representatives from the Employment Sector Council London Middlesex, Human Resources Professionals of London & District, local employers, Fanshawe College, The University of Western Ontario, the City of London and others to deliver the project.

Over 100 individuals in the London region, including employers, human resources specialists, employment counsellors and newcomers and immigrants who took part in interviews and focus groups, shared their stories and experiences and reviewed this material prior to publication.

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