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About Immploy Mentorship Programs

Immploy Mentorship programs connect immigrant job seekers (Mentees) with regional business leaders (Mentors) through occupation and industry specific matches and events.   The programs support mentees in becoming professionally established in Canada’s labour market.

How Mentorship helps you in your job search

The program offers you an individual match with a volunteer mentor in your target occupation or industry.   The mentoring match lasts 24 hours, over a 4 month period.  Until you achieve your job goal, you will also be invited to participate in small group sessions of mentees and mentors and if interested, connect with a newcomer peer colleague that has found employment in his/her field.

Mentees report that the program helps:

  • Establish and grow their professional network in London and surrounding area.
  • Network in targeted occupation/industry.
  • Connect with Canada’s hidden job market.
  • Increase confidence in the job search.
  • Expand access to regional labour market information.
  • Refine job goals.
  • Identify transferrable skills.
  • And as a result – secure meaningful employment in their professional field.

How to get connected with the Mentorship program

To participate in Immploy Mentorship programs, you must be referred by one of our community partner organizations after completing an employment or job search preparation program.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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